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Business interiors range across a wide spectrum of materials for furnishings, walls and flooring. For these reasons alone, Corporate Care and the Corporate Care System™ should be your first and only choice.

Corporate Care is unique in its ability to offer a wide selection of services and solutions for your interior maintenance needs without limitations. As the leading independent, we have access to all the processes and systems that comply with all the manufacturers' warranties. Given this flexibility, The Corporate Care team can develop and implement an advanced program to meet all of your interior maintenance needs in an unbiased and objective manner. Corporate Care takes pride in providing our clients with a superior quality of care by our highly trained and certified technicians. At Corporate Care, we continue to experience one of the highest customer retention rates and the lowest employee turnover rate in the industry, resulting in our ability to consistently provide quality services and build long-term relationships.

You have made an investment to ensure a healthy and productive workplace environment and our interior maintenance specialists are available to ensure that your investment lasts a lifetime. It's simple - if you install it, care for it. There is no better value in the industry than the Corporate Care Maintenance System. Our service results in longer life usage and a cleaner and healthier appearance throughout the year - all at a competitive price. And there's no better team to protect your investment than the professionals utilizing the Corporate Care Maintenance System. Because when all is said and done, we are the team that truly works for you!