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JT Packard JT Packard is the nation's largest independent service provider for all UPS, generator, and battery brands. The company's 150+ factory-level trained staff engineers are strategically positioned throughout the U.S., guaranteeing national coverage and focused local service delivery. From UPS service and battery monitoring, to generator rental and arc flash hazard analysis, JT Packard is committed to maintaining consumers' critical power with innovative, cost-effective solutions, 24/7/365. When critical power equipment is your need, turn to JT Packards inventory consisting of just about every make and model. Whether you are looking for UPS systems, Generators, Precision Cooling, or Switchgear, JT Packard can offer you choices from our strategic partnerships with manufacturers including GE, Mitsubishi, and PDI. JT Packard is truly your one stop shop for all your mission critical needs.