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Incorporated in 1993, Indoor Air Professionals, Inc (IAP) has served over 1,000 businesses, schools, and ships internationally, and over 22,000 homeowners in Western New York. Our offices in Southern California serve both commercial buildings and naval ships. We specialize in specific areas of indoor environmental services - air duct cleaning and mold remediation. Our diagnostic capabilities help our clients document green building compliance. We pride ourselves in working with other environmental disciplines to bring the best possible solution to the table for our clients. We also partner closely with heating / AC companies and various other trades. Our preliminary assessment services help direct our clients to cost effective IAQ solutions (residential - commercial - naval). We also provide access to the best values for Air Purifiers and other IAQ products. From U.S. Navy aircraft carriers to the smallest condo, IAP has won raving reviews from our clients.Three reasons for choosing IAP: 1) Experience and qualifications2) Comprehensive environmental restoration capabilities3) Commitment to the most advanced technologies available. The results for our clients: healthier and more energy efficient living and work spaces.