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Qt Quiet technology™ sound masking, paging and background music systems are a generation ahead™ in the marketplace.

The low-voltage Oasis Qt™ system uses a single control module and a daisy-chained network of miniature speakers installed in the workspace to project direct-field sound masking, paging and music. A flexible design adapts to virtually all workspace types.

The system is direct-field, easy to install (just plug & play!) and unlike competitive systems requires no post-installation tuning.

Miniature emitters project a pleasant, air conditioning-like sound to “mask” other sounds in the workplace

The unobtrusive, airflow-like sound is pre-programmed to match the frequency spectrum of the human voice for optimal masking of speech.

This system is ideal for reducing distractions and improving productivity in open-plan workspaces and ensuring confidential speech privacy in private offices.

A paging and music module works with existing sound masking speakers and eliminates the need for a separate paging/music system.

Ceiling tile installation is most common, but the flexible design that adapts to virtually all workspace types.

RoHS compliance, GreenSpec® listing and low-power usage make this an ideal product for “Green” building.

Each control module uses 7 watts of power similar to that of an Exit sign. The system is designed for uninterrupted, 24/7 use.