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Steril-Aires multi-patented UVC Emitters™ work within your existing heating and air conditioning system to kill both surface and airborne microorganisms and prevent the spread of infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. Better indoor air quality leads to healthier occupants for reduced liability risk and reduced absenteeism. In addition to the health benefits of improved IAQ, Steril-Aire UVC lamps also save money by reducing HVAC energy costs and eliminating the need for costly coil cleaning programs. Steril-Aires UVC lights are safe, yet powerful and work for nearly every building type.

"We have eliminated our four-times-per-year coil cleaning program, and we no longer expose our maintenance people to chemicals required for this task . . . By bathing our coils in UVC lights, we've also experienced a big power consumption reduction. We estimate a conservative 28% drop in total A/C system energy usage."

--American Electric Power
Dallas, Texas