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Custodial Solutions, Breeze Softwares comprehensive workloading software, incorporates the tools needed to build a cleaning plan, work the plan, measure results, and continually improve. Analyze staffing levels. Work within budget constraints. Evaluate and standardize procedures. Schedule cleaning tasks. Issue work orders. Track supplies, equipment, training, grievances. PDA based inspections improve performance and customer satisfaction. Custodial Solutions delivers ACCOUNTABILITY, JUSTIFICATION & QUALITY CONTROL.
Simply a Breeze is designed for Property Managers who want to workload a bid for outsourcing. Our simple reports enable basic cost and labor analysis. The "Baseline" or "Best Practices" cleaning report justifies staffing requirements. We also provide all the quality assurance and communication benefits of Inspections are a Breeze.
Inspections are a Breeze objectively measures cleaning performance and identifies training needs so you can coach on process improvements.