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ISES Corporation is a facilities management support firm that offers a constantly growing portfolio of facilities services for capital planning and budgeting. Almost 20 years ago, Ed Gee and ISES helped create and supply the exponentially growing demand for facility condition analysis (FCA) services to organizations that managed portfolios of physical assets. Within this time, ISES has accumulated decades of facility management experience through the accumulation of first-class personnel, and the ISES service portfolio has grown around the facility condition analysis (FCA).

Today, ISES offers established capital planning / budgeting services including Facility Condition Analysis (FCA), Equipment Inventory, Elevator Condition Analysis (ECA), Life Cycle Modeling (LCM), Infrastructure and Utility Analysis, Facilities Operations and Maintenance Programming (FOMP), Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) consulting, Preventative Maintenance Program Development, Information Needs Assessments (INA), and Building Vulnerability Analysis. Please read about our established services in the Services and Case Studies titles on the navigation bar above. The ISES capital planning services are not limited to those listed on, and we have the people and resources to fit the needs of any facilities management organization.

The ISES analysis services are primarily designed to benchmark the current condition of your facilities from a financial perspective, give you a tool to identify and procure your desired funding levels, and provide the means to budget and properly allocate capital. ISES engineers and architects are at your disposal when you need an objective partner to join your facilities management organization in their mission to provide better service to their customers.

The one constant in facilities management is growth. The resources available to maintain these assets do not, naturally, keep pace with the rate of need in the asset portfolio itself. ISES has developed a tool for use in proactively preparing for the staffing, budgetary, and maintenance requirements of new construction products. This method, called Operations and Maintenance Programming (OMP), facilitates the realization of the loads that a building can levy on a facilities management organization; from occupancy to demolition.

The OMP can be initialized in the conceptual stages of the construction process. Iterative data formulation processes continue through the first year of building occupancy.

Staffing needs are analyzed to include:

Work Control
Grounds & Waste Management
Central / Zone Maintenance Shops

Time and cost estimates are created for items including:

Preventive Maintenance
Corrective Maintenance
Minor Projects
Capital Projects
Service Contract Acquisitions

Auxiliary factors and details are taken into consideration such as required tools, payroll, training, learning curves, etc.

OMP deliverables include any combination of the following:

* Comprehensive equipment inventory that may be formatted for integration with any CMMS product
* Bar coding of equipment items for the purposes of maintenance tracking Fully justified, hardcopy or electronic reporting; tailored specifically to your needs
* Preventive maintenance task programming by equipment item

The ISES OMP is a fully customizable instrument that is designed to provide the facilities management professionals with quantifiable data in support of budget requests.

* Facility managers use OMP as a maintenance program guideline
* Accounting will employ the OMP to create operating budgets
* Shop foremen will use FOMP to proactively discuss and delineate potentially overlapping responsibilities
* OMP is the third party analysis a facilities management team needs to acquire the necessary O & M funding from legislative bodies that, all too often, focus only on construction costs

The ISES OMP is the tool that you need to strike the proper balance between resource (cost) conservation, life cycle management, and fulfillment of customer (building occupant) expectations.