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Wausau Paper produces and markets a complete line of towels, tissue, soaps, wipers and dispensing systems for the away-from-home market under the Bay West brand. The market segments served by this brand include office buildings, factories, healthcare facilities, hotels, airports and other high-traffic facilities.

Wausau Paper operates three facilities that manufacture or distribute Bay West brand products: a converting and distribution center in Harrodsburg, Kentucky; a distribution center in Walnut, California; and a paper mill in Middletown, Ohio.

Our business philosophy focuses on selective distribution combined with outstanding products and services. By focusing on these areas, we set ourselves apart from competitors and build lasting relationships with our valued customers.

Our commitment to the environment includes: source reduction, resource recovery and recycling. Our controlled-use dispensing systems promote source reduction and discourage paper waste by controlling the amount of toweling dispensed at each use. Several of our controlled dispensing systems offer a pre-determined amount of toweling to promote using only the toweling that is needed.

We also have a comprehensive offering of Green Seal-certified towel and tissue products. It includes Dubl-Nature(r) products, our white Green Seal-certified line, EcoSoft™ Green Seal(tm) towels and tissue, and our OptiSource(r) 91300 Foam Lotion Soap which is also Green Seal-certfified. Both Dub-Nature(r) and EcoSoft(tm) Green Seal(tm) are made entirely from 100% recycled fibers, meet EPA guideline, are processed chlorine free and feature enviornmentally preferable packaging. Products cerfified by Green Seal are processed in a way that uses less water, energy, produces less air pollutants and diverts the most waste from our landfills.

To achieve and maintain the Green Seal certification, our towel and tissue products are continually subjected to rigorous evaluation and testing, along with a quality-control audit of our papermaking processes at our mill in Middletown, Ohio.

Our papermaking and recycling processes also demonstrate our commitment to the environment. During the bleaching and de-inking operations, our Middletown mill uses an environmentally friendly process free of chlorine and other harmful chemicals and compounds. In addition, the Middletown facility has a wastewater treatment plant where over 2,000,000 gallons of water a day are treated and returned to the de-inking operation, eliminating the need for additional fresh water and conserving natural resources. Our Harrodsburg facility works to “close the loop” in recycling by diverting office wastepaper, corrugated containers, and post-converting scrap from the waste stream for return to our Middletown mill to be used in the papermaking process.

Green Associations
We are a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The USGBC is the nations foremost coalition of leaders for promoting and advancing buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to work. As the first paper company to join the U.S. Green Building Council, Wausau Paper can directly support the goals of the Council and our customers working to achieve “green” status for their buildings with our EcoSoft™ Green Seal® products. (

Wausau Paper is also a proud member of the “Green” Hotels Association®. The “Green” Hotels Association® encourages, supports and promotes ecological consciousness in the hospitality industry. As the first and only paper company to be offered membership in the “Green” Hotels Association® as an ally vendor, we can support the hospitality industrys need for ecologically responsible products through our offering of EcoSoft™ Green Seal® towels and tissue. (