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Unger Enterprises, Inc. is an international company with offices in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. We have been manufacturing professional cleaning tools for over 30 years and take pride in developing innovative and unique tools that help professionals save time. Unger manufactures in the United States, Germany, and in Brazil. We provide over 80 countries with our products.Here are a few unique products we offer:SMART COLOR LINESmartColor String Mop Heavy DutyExtra absorbent microfiber string mop for extreme liquid and dirt pick up. Floors dry faster, non-streaking. Color coded in 4 colors for designated cleaning areas and to prevent cross contamination. Looped ends & tailbands increase performance and product life & prevents mop from tangling while mopping or laundering.RESTROOM PRODUCTSNiftyNabber®, 18\"18\" reach keeps hands away from hazards and helps clean debris from toilets, urinals and trash without touching contaminates. Working components made for years of problem free operations. Powerful rubber over molded steel fingers grip and firmly hold small and odd shaped objects. Ergonomic handle minimizes wrist strain to insure comfortable operation.FLOOR CAREWonderWaxerGreat for waxing areas such as hallways and entranceways, around furniture and alongside baseboards. Swivel head makes waxing around hard-to-reach areas easy. Use on surfaces like resilient tiles, gym floors, and commercial flooring. Comes with a 17\" sleeve.WE ALSO CARRY PRODUCTS FOR: WINDOWS - HIGH ACCESS - OUTDOOR