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Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions manufactures high efficiency air cleaning systems for sustainability strategies, operational cost savings, and improved workplace effectiveness. Air filtration can be an Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) second only to lighting upgrades in terms of financial benefits. Dynamic Air Cleaning Systems offer low static pressure resistance while removing ultrafine particles (UFPs), odors and gas phase contaminants from indoor air and/or outside ventilation air. Ventilation air requirements can be reduced where appropriate using the IAQ Procedure in ASHRAE Standard 62.

Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems – The Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System continues to be the system of choice for Green buildings and other high impact applications. The Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System uses 2/3 less fan energy than MERV 14 filters while providing MERV 15 performance. High dust-holding capacities translate to maintenance intervals measured in YEARS instead of months. Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems were installed throughout the ASHRAE headquarters “Living Lab” where media pads did not require replacing for over five (5) years while continuing to operate below .35 inches of static pressure.

Dynamic V8 in a Final Filter Curbs – Final filter curbs from Thybar provide the means to apply Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems where there may not be enough space available inside air handling units.

Activated Carbon Matrix Panels – Dynamic Activated Carbon Matrix (ACM) panels can be designed to target specific gas phase contaminants in critical applications such as data centers and art museums. Low-static ACM systems are smaller and lighter than pellet-based systems and do not require downstream post filters.

Polarized-Media Air Cleaners –1” and 2” high efficiency air cleaners that fit into existing filter tracks. Dynamic Air Cleaners remove fine particles, odors and VOCs, and may reduce ventilation air requirements. Also available in V-Banks.

Germicidal UVC Products – High output germicidal UVC lamps from Dynamic are some of the most effective on the market today.

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