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FBC's trio of high performance, corrosion-free CPCV products will enhance your construction project by using superior CPVC technology. Our trio of building products; Corzan®, FlowGuard Gold®, and BlazeMaster® CPVC offers you the opportunity to provide the hospital construction and service industry with the ability to upgrade water distribution and drainage systems (Corzan ChemDrain) while providing economic benefits.

FBC™ Building Solutions of The Lubrizol Corporation is a single-source provider of polymer technologies designed to solve some of today’s toughest building challenges. As a global leader in the development of piping solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications, we have an unmatched reputation for technological innovation designed to enhance the performance level of our various products.

Although FBC Building Solutions is named for the company’s core brands (FlowGuard Gold®, BlazeMaster® and Corzan® pipe and fittings), we have expanded our product portfolio over the years to also include non-piping solutions that are critical to the building industry. This includes industrial sheet and lining, formulations that improve the performance of various exterior building materials, and custom fabrication.

As the inventor of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), we possess extensive experience, as well as a solid reputation for consistent quality and customer service.

With the industry’s largest network of technical support specialists, we are able to provide the necessary training, education and technical support to help our construction partners choose the best system to fit their needs and successfully provide high-performance, dependable solutions to a wide array of end-users around the globe.