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Running your business is your job. Running your security system is Kastles.
Kastle Systems is the established leader in building and office security systems. Perhaps the greatest advantage of entrusting your propertys security system to Kastle is the knowledge that the industrys most experienced professionals are running it. Kastle stands alone as the most advanced, most comprehensive name in commercial security, with some 1,700 properties and 289 million square feet of office space under contract.

You have enough things to worry about. With Kastle, security wont be one of them.

You buy the system and you own it. Kastle runs it, so you dont have to.
As with security systems you run yourself, you buy and own your Kastle-installed security system. After installation, though, Kastle stays on to program, administer, operate and monitor your system full-time. These ongoing functions, including changes and upgrades, call for comprehensive infrastructure, technical expertise and real-time responsiveness all Kastle signature strengths.

Increased security. Lower cost. No headaches.
A Kastle security system delivers functionality far beyond those run-it-yourself systems. When Kastle handles the countless details of managing your system, financial savings begin immediately and accelerate over the long term. Kastle allows you to shift your focus from managing resources to managing results.

Security thats tough on threats, easy on tenants.
A Kastle system is a leasing tool for property owners and a valued amenity for tenants. Its seamless functionality quickly wins the confidence of users and creates lasting loyalty from day one.